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Ivonne Sanchez
Ivonne Sanchez, Chief Tattoo Artist
About Ivonne

Professional Brazilian-style camouflage artist Ivonne Sanchez has over 10 years experience working with world famous beauty brands. Ivonne, both Russian and Cuban, has achieved certifications from a variety of regions including Brazil, Vienna, and several North American academies. Her global exposure to diverse permanent makeup styles offers her a unique and unparalleled approach to skin camouflage.

This form of Brazilian cosmetic camouflage tattoo helps women resolve scars, stretch marks and other skin conditions like vitiligo. Officially trained as a Permanent Makeup Artist and as a 2-time credentialed Microblading Artist, Ivonne is interested in all things permanent beauty.

Her commitment to her clients is to find natural and gentle ways of achieving their desired beauty look while providing world-class professionalism and a top client experience. 

Ivonne's clients come to her from allover the world. From professional stay-at-home moms to world famous celebrity opera singers, Ivonne works with her clients to achieve desired results.

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Vitiligo, stretch mark treatments

As scars heal, they go through several colour changes. Scars, whether fully healed or in a stage of healing, may also be depressed or raised, shiny, or rough in appearance. Skin conditions such as vitiligo can also give you a “patchy” appearance that you may wish to conceal. At Ivonne Sanchez, we offer vitiligo and scar camouflagingtreatments to even out your skin tone and colouration to improve your appearance. Give us a call at (613) 416-9029 to set up your free consultation and learn more about vitiligo and scar and stretch mark camouflaging in Ottawa, Ontario.

Skin camouflaging is an excellent treatment for both men and women. This treatment can be used to treat scars in a variety of areas, including the hair line, the areola, and stretch marks, evening out your skin colouration to make the scars and areas less visible. Skin camouflage is also a great cosmetic treatment for vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the skin loses pigment cells, resulting in discoloured patches on your entire body, including the skin, hair, retina, and mucous membranes. Skin camouflaging evens out this pigmentation to improve your appearance.

In preparation to receive vitiligo or scar camouflaging, please do not apply makeup. Our vitiligo experts will apply a topical anesthetic cream to your skin to enhance your comfort. The pigment will then be implanted into your skin. 

After your procedure, avoid all ultra-violet exposure, especially from tanning booths or beds, for at least 10 days. You should also keep Alpha-hydroxy products and Retin-A away from treated areas.

For more information about Vitiligo and scar camouflaging and to set up your appointment, please contact us today. 

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